MOTO X3M is amazing speed racing game with 25 challenging levels. Get in the car, put on your hat and join the obstacle race to reach the finish line in the shortest time!
Use arrow keys to accelerate, brake or flip your bike. Complete the course as quickly as possible. Perform aerial stunts to shorten your run time!

Blot some dirt away with this fast-paced racing game that's sure to leave your heart racing. The Moto X3M isn't just made for anyone though, it's made for the thrill addicts on our site who want to play something where they can test their skills and his reaction.

The more dangerous you play the game, the more you are rewarded. As mentioned before, performing aerial stunts will save time. This means that front and back flips are highly recommended and in some cases may even be necessary to achieve 3 stars. Just don't go too crazy and land on your head, or else you will have to start the level again or go back to the previous checkpoint.

Stars are awarded at the end of each level, and players can earn 1 to 3 stars for each attempt. It is completely based on the player's time and each level will have a certain amount of time that the player must pass if he wants to achieve 3 stars. Although it may be easy to get 3 stars at first, later levels will really push you to be perfect if you want to get 3 stars.


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